Enertech Lithium Polymer Battery

The EV era have already started with competing solutions for all components. Having the advantages of the lithium based batteries, manufacturers increased the investment on pure EV’s and the market grew in an incredible speed.

To meet the high power and and long range requirements; large battery packs are to be constructed. These packs can be constructed either by using small cylindrical cells, as in Tesla Model S EV’s, or by integrated large prismatic cells. The former has low unit battery cost while construction is hard whereas latter has high battery cost whereas production is simple and cheaper due to less number of cells.

Enertech, one of the biggest lithium battery manufacturers in the world, challenges the growing EV market by its  large format prismatic cells. These cells has a special lithium polymer chemistry, which prevents physical cell failure in case of undervoltage conditions, and several models are presented from 16 Amp.hours to 40 Amp.hours. This means a battery pack equivalent to that of Tesla P85D can be constructed by using just around 600 cells. Note that original battery pack of P85D contains around 10500 cells.

A single cell can supply upto 160 Amperes of continuous current, which meets EV demands at all conditions. Pulse currents can go upto 250 Amperes.

These are not only design numbers. Volinvestigation team tested several specimen of model SPB58253172V2 (3.75V, 21 Ah) in laboratory. A fully charged cell of this model can be emptied at 105 Amperes continuous current, supplying 19.5 Amp.hours energy and 20 degrees celcius temparature rise. That means the battery can be operating at maximum conditions without any problems.

Furthermore, the battery leads or connections are designed as fuses, which break away in short circuit condition without damaging the cells. Ordinary cells should be fused externally, which requires a considerable design and construction effort.

The batteries proves its adequacy for EV market by being used in Hyundai EV-BUS. The Hyundai EV-BUS employs a water cooled battery pack constructed of Enertech large format cells and the bus is on the road, operating successfully.

To sum up; Enertech successfully challenges to end EV manufacturers’ dilemma on battery packs with its large format cells and packs.




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