Electric motors are constantly evolving, with improved efficiencies, power densities and many more features. Although induction motors and syncronous machines have governed the industry for a wide range of applications, last 3 to 4 decades have been the time for DC motors with the improved permanent magnets. Latest advancements widened applications of BLDC and PMSM motors.

One of the reasons for the delayed popularity of the newer motor technologies is the requirement for electronic power controllers. Alltrax is one of the early but modern players of the electronic motor controller market. The company is founded in 2001 in U.S. and have been developing DC controllers since. Although there are many newer manufacturers and modern controllers, Alltrax thoroughly continues to work on classical DC motor controllers.

Alltrax presents several motor controller series for different types of brushed DC motors. However, AXE and DCX series motor controllers have been popular for over a decade especially in electric powered vehicle market, especially for golf charts and mini EV’s.

AXE series controllers are used for series DC motors and permanent magnet DC motors whereas DCX series controllers are suitable for shunt DC motors. Both series include models for voltages between 12 – 72 Volts and for currents up to 650 Amperes. The high power capability extends application of these controllers to regular EV and hybrid EV applications.

The controllers are single quadrant, capable of forward motion and no regenerative braking. However this design choice makes the controllers the most efficient ones compared to competitors. The controllers feature over 99% percent efficiency, eliminating the need for cooling for most applications. The reverse motor operation can be enabled by using reverser relay whereas controllers provide a reverse input, which reduces the motor speed in reverse operation (if enabled in software)

Alltrax controllers provide a data connection to PC and company distributes a free a software, namely “ControllerPro”. ControllerPro enables configuration of motor controller in terms of; maximum motor current, protection mechanisms and plug braking, throttle response curve. The controller has programmable over voltage, under voltage protection, high pedal disable function, half reverse speed function. The data connection can be further used to monitor controller operation.

Alltrax provides a wide range of accessories to be used in EV applications and Golf Cart applications. Therefore it’s suited for both commercially available vehicles and “Conversion Projects”.

Although, there are many emerging manufacturers, presenting modern motor controllers, AXE and DCX controllers stand in their way with their rock solid construction, ease of use and proved safety.



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