Venus Diamond Flow

Venus Diamond Flow is a  flowable, enanohybrid composit from Heraeus that can be used to create aesthetically perfect, durable restorations. Venus Diamond Flow possesses optimalhandling propertiesand produces an excellent match to the shade of the adjacent teeth thanks to its innovative diamond formula. 

The result: impressive, outstanding aesthetic restorations.

Venus Diamond Flow possesses a unique combination of high flexural strength and low shrinkage stress. This makes the restoration more resistant and more durable.

The composite filling is easily distinguished from the residual tooth structure due to its excellent radiopaque properties. Venus Diamond Flow ensures optimal, reliable diagnosis. The excellent radiopacity was recently confirmed by the research group around Dr. Peter Yamen, University of Michigan.


The flowable consistency of Venus Diamond Flow makes it a multifunctional composite. Venus Diamond Flow is ideal for smaller cavities, cervical fillings or as a liner in combination with normal viscosity composites such as Venus Diamond. It is also further, impressive evidence of Heraeus’s many years of expertise in the field of composites.


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