Telemetry Systems

Telemetry systems are wireless data transmission systems used for tracking and detecting operating conditions and possible problems at remote and/or mobile systems.

By means of telemetry systems which are developed in accordance with your requirements, stationary-to-stationary, stationary-to-mobile or mobile-to-mobile data transmission applications are possible. Telemetry systems, which are customized in accordance with the requirements, are designed avoiding possible radio interference at the installation site and may preferably comprise the following options;


  •      - Continuous or periodic data transmission
  •      - Data Logging from Analog sources (Voltage, Current, Temperature, Pressure,                    - Humidity, Mass Flow)
  •      - Data Logging from Digital terminals (TTL UART, RS 232 / 485, CANBUS, MODBUS)
  •      - Preferably electrically isolated ports
  •      - Programmable alarm conditions and alarm outputs
  •      - Data Logging to SD Card
  •      - Real Time Synchronization